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For Partners

We combine the best solutions

We create a platform, providing additional opportunities for the integration of services and applications, as well as sources of additional motivated traffic. .

A well-designed system of material and non-material loyalty based on the internal crypto currency and the value of the final product take a special place in our platform.

Project for people

A person who has goals and needs in all segments of his life is at the heart of our concept. These segments are education, career, health and sport, hobbies, leisure and travel, family and personal relationships etc.

We combine companies that provide services in all these segments in one single next generation partner network.

Our advantages

New community

The goal of the project is to unite people, give them the best tools for their own implementation, develop a proactive community. A unique system of non-material motivation will bring to a new level the effectiveness of personal efforts.


The use of a single platform for solutions in all spheres of life allows us to bring more and more users to the platform and find effective and useful ways to Involvement everyone.


Blockchain technology allows you to safely store reliable data about the achievements of users and excludes the possibility of their loss or replacement, as well as provides high speed of transactions regardless of the region.

Services and Partners

Partners receive completely new customers at the expense of users from adjacent areas of the platform. Together with our partners, we move the priorities of consumption to development and achievement of goals, which creates mutual benefit for the parties.

Free tools for users

Follow events around, with their own productivity, make plans and formulate even global goals now easily. Using all the built-in functions and tools in the application is absolutely free. Always.

Unique partnership program

We are creating a loyalty program for the coalition, which so far has no analogues. The repurchase ratio is up to 100%, and the level of participation is up to 80%. Partners use the Standards as automatically accrued universal loyalty points.

More about project

Developed partnership network and loyalty system

We combine online and offline services around the idea of on-going human development. A visit to the fitness club will no longer be marked only by a photograph in Instagram, progress in the application for learning a foreign language will not be lost with the loss of a mobile phone, and a dusty certificate will not be the only reminder of a visit to the training.

Users can monetize their success, receive individual offers, expand their horizons and receive validation of their competencies!

Common standards of achievement

We have developed a unique gemmified methodology for working with the achievements and competences of a person in all segments of his life, and we also offer a solution for their verification. This allows us to create a community of a new generation, gives impetus to development in career, personal relationships, sports.

Just imagine the situation: the employer can make an offer, based only on the skills and abilities confirmed by the system, which is the standard throughout the world.

Advanced tools for the development of each person

Our goal is to help users in personal development, as well as to give them convenient tools to articulate and achieve personal goals.

We have comprehended and integrated the best methods of human development into the user-friendly interface of our application, and the technology platform allows us to implement all the advanced developments and suggestions of our partners and to maximize the benefits for each user. .

Let’s evolve together!

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Realization of the project in the PRO segment

As a priority, the project implements the solution in the education and career segment, it has clearly expressed problems, allows to attract a large number of platform users quickly and efficiently. The project solves the problems of the system solution for improving competencies, as well as the issues of operational communication between education and business, the search for employees for the knowledge economy and the business reflections of real competencies and skills.


Assessment of skills and competencies, personal and professional qualities.
- Evaluate objectively where you are now

Training for separate skills. Easy knowledge
-Choose what you need, do not waste time on long programs

A gamified skill development application
-Manage time, learn easily

Independent rating of courses
-Choose those who give real knowledge

Smart - contracts for learning, data in the blockchain, procting, online learning around the world
-New technologies for your development


Tool for companies for the selection of proven professionals with specified characteristics.
Without intermediaries
Independent assessment of competences
Education - learning to address gaps in competencies


Blockchain technology

Universal User Asset

The decision to store user data in a single decentralized register allows you to create a multi purpose CV, professional and personal portrait, which is applicable in career, personal relationships and many other areas.
In fact, it is the storage of data in blockchain that makes the system uniform and generally applicable

Protection and trust in data

Each result of the assessment and certification of knowledge is secured in blockchain, which makes it possible to reliably verify the results by the platform and the almost impossible to manipulate these data.

Popularization and further development

In addition to the effect of non material motivation due to the system of achievements and the development of one's own personal portrait, this will allow to realize advanced ideas not only in HR area, but also at the launch of the next stage for meeting, communication, games and other applications that popularize the whole system. The open part of the information in blockchain will allow to attract independent developers for its analysis and creation of third - party applications.


EVO project token: Etalon / E-talon (ticker - ETALON).
Platform Ethereum.
The emission is 100 million ETALONs (strictly limited). Project tokens are utility tokens - a token-based product for use within the project business model.
Tokens are not a security tokens and do not entitle you to profit or dividends.


Our Team

Anton Vasyutkin

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Graduate of RGUTS, faculty "Social and Cultural Service and Tourism" and MBA program at IBS in Entrepreneurship and management. More than 10 years of management experience in the service sector. Experience in two start-ups Travel Payment System (payment solution for tourism) and Clickandtravel (online travel booking service). Entrepreneur, the owner of two preschool education centres in Moscow.

Sergey Ilyukhin

Chief Technology Officer

CTO Kupivip - one of the largest IT projects. 15-year experience in managing development teams, implementing complex projects, observing a clear methodology for the development process. Increase of competitiveness of business due to introduction of technologies.

Muhammad Salman Anjum

Chief Relationship Officer

Blockchain evangelist. A professional with more than 16 years of experience in corporate and entrepreneurial spheres. He was introduced as a successful personality in a book published by the Department of Economic Development of Dubai. He is an expert in blockchain technologies at the world's largest forums. He is an advisor of corporations, ICOs and top managers on the use of DLT, Big Data & IoT and AI.

Т Aravinda Babu

Blockchain and Development

Blockchain developer. An expert technology adviser for startups mainly in Blockchain and Security areas. He got one patent recently with US Patents and Trademark Office (USPTO) on encryption deployment discovery in an enterprise. He got Master's degree in computer science with 16+ Years of rich industrial experience mainly in cloud, security, Blockchain. He has technical leadership experience representing the likes of Nokia, Motorola, IBM Labs to name a few.

Mikhail Golubev


10 years of experience in building sales departments under highly efficient modern models with high conversion. Experience of cooperation with major companies: Aeroflot, Rosneft, Hyundai, Panavto, etc.

Anastasia Ivanova


Legal support of the project, aspects of the jurisdiction and incorporation. Contractual works with partners and project participants. Legal nature of token and its usage by the platform participants. Qualification and knowledge in Token Sale judicial field.


Alexey Kalmykov

Business methodology and architecture

Tutor Open University (UK), business consultant, trainer. The practice of management in the field of personnel management and corporate learning. Competences: strategic development, project management, andragogics, methodology and practice of distance and mixed training.

Andrew Flip Filipowski

Technology and blockchain

Technological entrepreneur. CEO of the investment firm SilkRoad Equity. He founded and developed Platinum Technology in 1985, a deal for the sale of which amounted to $ 3.5 billion. He is one of the most successful high-tech entrepreneurs in the world, philanthropists and visionaries of the industry. Co-founder and co-executive director of Fluree.

Phillip Nunn

Marketing and Promotion

Entrepreneur, CEO and international speaker on Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and fin tech. Phillip Nunn founded The Blackmore Group. With more than 15 years’ experience in financial services, Phillip specializes in wealth management, angel investment, commercial property investment and financial technology.

Ilya Orlov

Investments and ICO strategy

Gained sufficient managing experience by working as the CEO at ""Interatlantic"", a food production company with over 500 employees. Successfully launched blockchain project was Strong believes in an idea that traveling and blockchain technologies are going to change the world and unite people

Amarpreet Singh

Marketing and investments

Marketing and investment. A professional in a digital sphere. He has worked with Microsoft (APOC Operation Manager), the World Bank (Senior Infrastructure Consultant and Economic Advisor), Airbus, etc. He has completed the master's program in three universities. Also, he is one of the leading lawyers and a member of the global community of Blockchain, advises projects around the world.

Nikolay Shkilev

Business and ICO strategy

Business and ICO strategy. The entrepreneur and owner of dozens of successful business projects, an adviser to ICO and a blockchain expert. Has 20 years of experience in large-scale projects. He has many awards and titles in the IT business: Self-Made Russia award, Tech guru, Super TOP award. Founder and CEO of Private Business Club. His Holding received the "Enterprise of the Year" award in the Kremlin.

Rumen Slavchov

PR and marketing

PR and marketing. Investment broker and crypto enthusiast. Acts as an advisor, consultant and sales manager in a marketing company, helps cryptoprojects and startups implement blockchain. Participated in 8 successful ICO projects in different countries.

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